News : Creating partnerships in Ghana


We've made a number of really great partnerships recently, teaming up with other local projects in Ghana  to create opportunities for our children.

SEP Happy School had a visit from David and Inez Lunan of the Educational Projects Trust  They loved the school and we are hoping to create a partnership with their fee-free Senior High School in Awutu (about an hour and a half away from Saltpond), so that when our students graduate JHS they can attend the Awutu-Winton SHS.  A work in progress and we'll keep you posted with news about this exciting partnership!

Educational Projects Trust

We've also had a huge amount of support from George, of the Baobab Children's Foundation a wonderful community-based NGO. George has started making these fantastic woven bamboo chairs for the KG classes. We hope to be able to start taking some trips to the Baobab school so that the SEP children can learn some of the traditional crafts taught there such as kente weaving, ceramics and sewing. Baobab also have a fantastic cultural dance troupe and we hope to be able to take the SEP children to see a performance.

Baobab chairs for KG

The Sabre Charitable Trust have been incredibly supportive towards SEP as we start to set up our play-based KGs.  They have shared many of their resources and invited our KG teachers, Mina and Leticia, as well as our deputy head teacher Emmanuel, to see their KG classes in Dwabor.  It was a great opportunity for our teachers to learn about thematic, play-based learning as we prepare to set up a similar system at the SEP Happy School. Another great example of how we are working in partnership with other local education organisations to develop SEP Happy School even further.

Sabre Charitable Trust


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