News : End of term play - hygiene


Our end of term play was focused on the topic of hygiene.  The play was introduced by 
John in Class 5.  He outlined some of the scenes and the various hygiene aspects that would be discussed in the play. 

The first
 scene was based on two families keeping their environment clean by picking up rubbish and demonstrating how to wash their hands properly. This was followed by a scene in which the children in the family are rolling on their mattress in bed screaming in pain because they have become ill from not washing their hands after going to the toilet.
The second scene was based on street vendors and how we can help others to be more hygienic by asking important questions like 'did you wash your hands before preparing food?', 'how long has the food been left uncovered?'.  A demonstration was also given to the street vendor on how to wash your hands.

The third scene was in the hospital where the patient explains their symptoms and the doctor then discussed the causes and ways to prevent future illness by being more hygienic.  The students used posters to illustrate this and also had singing and dancing before and after the play.

The play was a great success and everyone who watched it came away knowing more about how important hygiene is. 

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