We are still a very small charity, and try to ensure that almost all of the money we raise is spent in Ghana, for the benefit of our students.

For this reason, we ask that volunteers pay for their flights and travel insurance and make a small contribution toward the rent of our volunteer house (approximately £25 per-person, per-week). Once you are there, Mike will teach you how to cook local dishes, and we ask that you also take enough money to pay for your food. This should be no more than £15 per-week, per-person (and will probably be much less). There are no other costs attached!

Prior to your trip, you can fundraise to spend on the project once you're there. We can give you some ideas on how to fundraise (though some of the best ideas so-far have been absolutely nothing to do with us!) You are free to spend your own money on whatever you decide would be beneficial at the time, or to put it towards a specific development. Again, we can give you some ideas, and build this into your personal impact plan.

Things To Take

We will send you a comprehensive information pack if and when you decide to take a trip. In the mean time, here is some advice from the past volunteers:


  • Insect repellant and anti-malarials - it is important to bear in mind that Ghana is a tropical and malarial country so you will need to take the necessary precautions. Always seek advice from a health practitioner before you travel.
  • Of vital importance is the wonderful Bradt Guide to Ghana, which is the only travel guide solely dedicated to the country. It is updated every few years, and you should be able to find a copy in your local book shop or online.
  • A torch! The utilities in Saltpond are getting better and better but we do still suffer from the occasional blackout, which can be rather spooky if you don't have a back up light source!
  • As many colouring-in and KS1 activity books as you can! - and then make a million photocopies once you're there!