Dynamic classroom practice

We think it’s important to move away from a traditional ‘volunteer teaching’ model - whereby foreign, inexperienced visitors come to teach schools for a short time, often disrupting the usual rhythm of learning for the children.

We provide dynamic classroom practice from local teachers by ensuring:

  • Bilingual and English as a Foreign Language learning
  • Non-rote, imaginative pedagogy
  • Play-based learning at KG
  • Use of ICT resources
  • Teacher training 
  • Teacher observation and progress-linked salary incentives
  • Further education for staff
  • Collaboration with education professionals and organisations in Ghana and the UK
  • Collaboration with state bodies in Ghana

Education beyond the classroom

SEP Happy School aims to provide a well-rounded and education, which supports our students in all areas of their lives. We are particularly concerned with involving and interacting with the local community. We offer education beyond the classroom by providing:

  • Access to a wide range of appropriate reading material
  • School trips
  • Extra-curricular clubs, such as homework club and reading club
  • Vocational workshops, such as furniture making
  • Sports teams including girls' and boys' football and volleyball
  • Community-facing plays and performances
  • Aspiration-raising talks and focus events from visiting professionals
  • Free training for parents and carers, including literacy, numeracy and ICT

A healthy, safe environment

The welfare of our students is of vital importance, and we hope to raise awareness of health and hygiene issues within the community as we continue to develop. We provide:

  • Free school meals for all students
  • Access to safe drinking water
  • Free uniforms
  • A monthly health visitor
  • Free medical insurance for students
  • Community health-awareness campaigns
  • A safe, secure site

Ghana is making great progress in education reform, but there is still a long way to go before we see truly universal access and standardisation. We will work alongside the state system as it continues to improve, and so will soon begin to sponsor our students back into government secondary schools for a further six years, from JHS 1 to SHS 3.