Through lots of generous donations, clothes fairs, sporting events, radio guest-spots and (vitally) cake, the Saltpond Education Project has now raised over £150,000.

But we’re only just beginning. We have a wishlist of project improvements and ideas that need funding. If you’d like to specifically contribute to something listed below, do get in touch.

Project Wishlist 2019

  • Dedicated sponsorship for our nine SHS students (£20 per-month, per student)
  • Dedicated sponsorship for our twenty-one JHS students (£15 per-month, per-student)
  • A school bus, for more class trips and teacher-training opportunities (£3000)
  • Air-conditioning unit for our ICT suite (£900)
  • Four more computers for ICT lessons (£400)
  • Extra funding for our school lunches - we'd love to vary the menu (£300 per-month)
  • Fifteen new English textbooks for Primary 5 class (£75)
  • Twenty new local language reading books (£60)

If you’d like to help fundraise for SEP, here are some other ideas to get you started:

  • Love to party? Organise a club-night, gig, film showing or bingo afternoon 
  • Big-time baker? Run a cake sale at work, or even a pop-up restaurant night
  • Never shut up? Do a sponsored silence (your friends might thank you).
  • Fashion fan? In true SEP style, run a pop-up clothes sale or swap evening.